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Purchasing Card Policies and Procedures


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Delegation of Authority 

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Part 1. Authority.

System Procedure 7.3.3, Purchasing Cards, provides authority for a college, university or system office to establish a credit card program for business use only. Each college, university, or system office using a Purchasing Credit Card Program must establish procedures and forms for implementing and monitoring the program.

Part 2. Purpose.

The purpose of the Purchasing Credit Card Program is to provide an alternative form for purchasing necessary business commodities and services easier and faster. The program will also shorten the approval process and reduce time and paperwork for processing of high volume small dollar amount purchases.

The program should eliminate many typical purchasing steps such as preparing a requisition, preparing a purchase order, matching a packing slip to a purchase order, matching an invoice with purchasing requisitions, individual payments of invoices, etc.

Part 3. Application For A Purchasing Card.

A completed Purchasing Card application form is required for each Cardholder. No employee will be able to apply for a Purchasing Card unless his/her supervisor gives approval.

The address used on the Cardholder application for the Employee will always be their Southwest Minnesota State University mailing address.

Part 4. Purchasing Card Program Cardholder Agreement.

All cardholders must sign and accept the terms and conditions of Southwest Minnesota State University’s “Purchasing Card Program Cardholder Agreement.” Cardholders must also complete a "Delegation of Authority" in order to authorize their use of the Purchasing Card.

Part 5. Purchasing Card Requirements.

The Purchasing Card will be customized to each Cardholder’s needs and will include:

  • a dollar limitation on the card
  • a dollar limitation of purchasing authority per transaction
  • a dollar limitation of purchasing authority for the total of all charges made during each monthly billing cycle
  • merchant category blocking

Part 6. Cardholder’s Responsibilities.

The Cardholder will be responsible for signing the card when it is received, the security of the card, and all transactions made against it. Purchases made against the card will be considered to have been made by the Cardholder.

The Cardholder must request a copy of the vendor’s original itemized sales receipt or cash register slip if over the counter, or a packing list on shipped orders as well as the credit card slip. The Cardholder’s individual purchasing card number and his/her name must be given for all orders processed and specific delivery instructions must be provided to the vendor. The purchased goods must be delivered directly to a Southwest Minnesota State University location.

All transactions processed against the Purchasing Card must be made by the employee to whom the card is issued. The card cannot be used by another person or for personal use. The card cannot be transferred from one employee to another.

Cardholder must inform the vendor of Minnesota State System’s tax exemption status. The tax-exempt ID number is printed on the card. Purchases of lodging (under 30 days), waste collection and disposal services, or purchases or leases of motor vehicles are taxable and sales tax should be included in the charge transaction at the time of purchase if a purchase card is used.

All purchase transactions must be recorded on the Cardholder Activity Report (available from the US Bank website) each month and signed as to verification of the transactions by the Cardholder and the Cardholder’s supervisor or authorized reviewer. The billing cycle ends on the 8th of each month. Original receipts, packing slips, etc. must be attached to the Cardholder Activity Report and submitted to the Business Office by the 15th of each month. Failure to submit the required documentation by the 15th of each month could result in cancellation of the card.

Part 7. Purchasing Card Spending Categories.

Purchasing card spending categories will be individualized to meet the needs of the employee. With proper approval, a Cardholder may be authorized to charge in such merchant categories as

  • Hotels and motels
  • Airlines
  • Car Rental
  • Other travel agencies
  • Auto parking lots
  • Taxis and buses
  • Caterers and bakeries
  • Discount stores
  • Department stores
  • Variety stores
  • General merchandise
  • Fuel for rented vehicles only
  • Electronic sales
  • Computer software stores
  • Data processing services
  • Computer repair
  • Informational retrieval services
  • Bookstores
  • Office stationary supplies
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Photocopy and photos
  • Food and grocery
  • Shopping/buying clubs
  • Advertising
  • Pharmaceuticals

Part 8. Purchasing Card Restrictions

The Purchasing Card cannot be used for the following transactions (prohibited by Minnesota State System Procedure 7.3.3, Credit Cards):

  • Items for personal use
  • Items for non-college, non-university purposes
  • Cash, cash advances or gift cards
  • Food and beverages for individual employee (Authorized cards may allow for food and non-alcoholic beverages for business-related meetings in compliance with system procedures and after obtaining approval for special expenses)
  • Alcoholic beverages (with the exception of those used in academic coursework as noted in Minnesota State Procedure 7.3.3, Subpart B10)
  • Weapons of any kind or explosives
  • Employee relocation expenses
  • Travel related expenses for food and beverage (to be reimbursed using Employee Expense Report form)

The purchasing card can be used for the following transactions only when specifically authorized by the Director of Purchasing or Director of Business Services:

  • Food and nonalcoholic beverages for members of athletic teams, organized student group.
  • Food and nonalcoholic beverages that will be paid for with grant funds if allowed by a grant agreement.
  • Entertainment and recreation. Use of purchasing cards for entertainment and recreation is prohibited except that authorized cards may allow for entertainment and recreation purchases for group student activities that will be paid for with student activity funds; activities that will be paid for with grant funds as authorized by the grant agreement; or academic activities that will be paid for with course fees.
  • Fixed assets, which include computers and iPads (these purchases should run through IT).

Part 9. Purchasing Card Process.

The billing cycle ends on the 8th of each month. Each Cardholder will be responsible for going on-line after the 8th of each month to review, approve and reallocate their charges. (See Reallocate and Approve Quick Guide).  In no case may the individual make payment to the credit card company. Southwest Minnesota State University Business Office is responsible for making payment of all purchases and will process the charge against the cardholder's cost center. Each cardholder must complete the Cardholder Activity Report online. The Cardholder must sign and date the Cardholder Activity Report to confirm receipt of all goods and services, attach the original receipts which correspond to the on-line statement, obtain the supervisor’s or authorized reviewer's signature, and return everything to the Business office by the 15th of the month. Failure to return all documentation regularly could result in cancellation of the card.

Part 10. Discrepancies.

The Cardholder must notify US Bank (880-344-5696) and the Business Office if there are any discrepancies with any of the charges listed on the statement. After being notified of the fraudulent or incorrect charges, US Bank will send a verification form by mail. The cardholder should sign this form, return it to US Bank, and submit a copy along with the monthly Cardholder Activity Report. Any incorrect charges should be credited back to the credit card.

Part 11. Lost, Stolen or Unauthorized Use.

The Cardholder is responsible for the security of his/her card and any purchase made on the card.

The Cardholder must immediately notify the credit card company and the Business Office if the card is lost, stolen or in the hands of an unauthorized person. Pertinent information regarding the lost or stolen card or improper use must be provided. The Cardholder will make a reasonable attempt to recover the card from an unauthorized person. The card will be voided as quickly as possible. However, the cardholder has primary responsibility for any unauthorized purchases made by the cardholder or any other person. If Southwest Minnesota State University is unable to collect the amount owed from the cardholder, the applicable cost center will be responsible for the unpaid amount.

Part 12. Cardholder Account Maintenance.

Any changes to a Purchasing Card must be made using the Cardholder Account Maintenance Request form.

Part 13. Accountability.

Each Cardholder is responsible for the card issued to him/her. All purchasing card records are subject to being audited without notification to the cardholder. Established procedures for using the purchasing card must be followed. Failure to do so may result in the loss of privileges or other disciplinary actions.

The purchasing card is the property of Southwest Minnesota State University and is not to be used for personal transactions under any circumstances regardless of reimbursement to the University. Using the card for personal use will automatically revoke the card privilege and subject the employee to disciplinary action, including reimbursement of all personal charges. All charges that are not authorized and approved by the University will be the responsibility of the employee to whom the card is issued. The employee, by statute, will reimburse the State of Minnesota at Southwest Minnesota State University for all incurred charges and any fees related to the collection of those charges.

A cardholder who makes an unauthorized purchase with the card or uses the card in an inappropriate manner will have their card revoked and may be subject to disciplinary action.

If the cardholder is unsure whether a purchase can be processed with the card, please call the Purchasing Department, 6215. Do not charge and inquire after the purchase. You may risk having your card deactivated and be required to return the item purchased.

Part 14. Failure to Comply with Policies & Procedures.

There is a zero tolerance policy for failure to comply with the purchasing card procedures. Violations of purchasing card policies and procedures will result in deactivation of the card. The minimum suspension is three (3) months. The cardholder, responsible person for the account, dean, and vice president will be notified in writing of the deactivation by a program administrator. To reactivate after suspension, approval is required via e-mail from the immediate supervisor, the Dean and or Vice President. If the card is reactivated and another violation occurs, the card will be cancelled.

Examples of non-compliance:

* Splitting charges to avoid the spending limit
* Multiple purchases from one vendor in a short period of time
* Bi-weekly statement not turned in on time
* Illegal purchases
* Failure to provide proper receipts
* Failure to provide proper signatures
* Personal purchases

Part 15. What if the Cardholder Leaves the University?

When cardholders leave (sabbatical, medical, termination) the University they must return the purchasing card to the Purchasing Department. If the cardholder will be returning, the card will be filed until they return. If the cardholder is not returning, cut the card in half prior to sending it to Purchasing. Returned purchasing cards are not reissued to other employees for use. Do not allow anyone else to use the card.

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