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SMSU Policies and Procedures

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P-001 Selection of Unclassified Personnel
P-001.1 Selection of Unclassified Personnel (Teaching Faculty)
P-001.2 Procedures for Selection of Unclassified Personnel (MnSCU Administrator and Administrative and Service Faculty)
P-002 Retirement and Separation Benefits
P-003 Sabbatical Leaves
P-003.1 MSUAASF Sabbatical Leave Procedure
P-004 Employee Background Check
P-005 Zero Tolerance of Workplace Violence
P-006 MnSCU Administrator Evaluations
P-007 Rights/Requirements of Personnel Terminating Employment
P-007.1 Exit Procedure for Personnel Terminating Employment
P-008 Official Transcript Requirements for Employees
P-009 Reasonable Accommodation
P-010 Filling Classified Vacancies
P-011 Classified Employee Education
P-012 Equal Opportunity Policy
P-013 Sexual Violence Policy
P-014 Professional Improvement Funds Administrative and Service Unit
P-015 Affirmative Recruitment and Appointment of Probation or Fixed Term Faculty Members (IFO Bargaining Unit)
P-017 Classified Training and Development Program

Internal Procedures

Classified Evaluations
Direct Deposit of Employee Pay
Faculty Vacancy Processing
Guidelines for Processing Overload and Adjunct Pay
Pay Option Guidelines
Position Rosters
Reclassifications of Classified Positions
Recognition Service Awards
Reimbursement of Candidate's Expenses
Retirement Plans
Time and Leave Reporting
Unclassified Vacancy Processing
Worker's Compensation Process

MnSCU and State Policies

Minnesota Management & Budget Statewide Policies
MnSCU Board Policies
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