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Comedy of Errors

Southwest Minnesota State University
Comedy of Errors
William Shakespeare

October 23-25 and
November 1-2, 2014

Director: Nadine Purvis Schmidt
Scenic and Lighting Designer: Leazah Behrens
Costume Designer: Sheila Tabaka
Sound Designer: Alexander Pikala
Stage Manager: Kyle Havlicek


 Duke discusses the issue.  Give me the money! Dromio counts the money 
 Poor Dromio at the hand of Antipholus  Luciana tells Adriana how it should be.  Antipholus and the merchants
 The Dromios  Adriana is getting upset with all the mayhem!  Luciana is confused by her feelings for Antipholus
 And again Antipholus manhandles poor Dromio  See here, the gold chain!  The merchants are confused and upset!
Ah...the Courtesan   What is happening?  Poor Antipholus Poor Dromio.  There is so much confusion with the twins and the twins! 
 Dr. Pinch is no help. A clever disguise ala    The Abbess will let no one enter
 We are starting to get more information about the confusion. Reunited at last!   The Dromio's...great fun!!
 Comedy of Errors Poster
Thank you for your continued support of SMSU Theatre!

“Though we be but little, we are fierce!”

  -William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream

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