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Transfer Credit

Transfer Credit Policy

Students who are requesting transfer credit from other MNSCU institutions no longer need to provide official transcripts. You are required to notify the Registration Office of this request by submitting the eTranscript evaluation form on the Registration Office web site under Transfer Credit Information.

Student seeking transfer credit from Non-MNSCU post-secondary institutions must submit official transcripts in order to be awarded transfer credits.

Transfer credit is evaluated by the Transfer Specialist in the Registration and Records Office. Students will receive forms indicating the total number of transfer credits they will be transferring and how these credits will apply to the SMSU Liberal Education Program/Minnesota Transfer Curriculum/Graduation Requirements. Students must contact the department that offers the major they intend to pursue for evaluation of transfer credit to major requirements.

Students may appeal their transfer credit evaluations by first contacting the Transfer Specialist in the Registration and Records Office.  Additional information regarding evaluations and appeal can be found at Transfer Credit Information

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