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University Withdrawal

 (SMSU Policy A-035)

1. If a student drops a course during the first five (5) instructional days of the Fall or Spring semesters, an entry will not be placed on the Official Transcript.

If a student drops a course from the sixth (6) instructional day through the 80th percentile instructional day of Fall or Spring semester, an entry of W (Withdrawn) will be placed on the Official Transcript.  The 80th percentile date will be posted on the current academic calendar.

For courses not starting on day one of a Fall or Spring semester, withdrawal is allowed after the drop period until the 80th percentile instructional day.  Determination of this day will be made by the Registrar's Office.

For the Summer semester courses, students must check each course for the drop/add and withdrawal dates.  These dates vary according to the number of weeks a course is being taught.

This includes those students withdrawing from the University.  Students who withdraw entirely from the University may receive exception to this policy with approval from the Provost.

2. If you wish to withdraw entirely from the University during the academic semester, you must contact the Registration and Records Office in IL 148 or call 507-537-6206 for assistance. (See also: SMSU Policy A-035 on the SMSU website.)

The date of an official Withdrawal from the University is the earliest of dates the student began the school’s Withdrawal process or date the student otherwise provided official notice.

If you withdraw entirely from the University, refunds of tuition and fees will be made according to the following schedule:

a. Regular Academic Year On-Campus Courses
        Date of Withdrawal  ::  Refund Allowed
        1st thru 5th instructional day   ::  100%
        6th thru 10th instructional day   ::  75%
        11th thru 15th instructional day   ::  50%
        16th thru 20th instructional day   ::  25%
        after 20th instructional day  ::  none
b. Summer Session
        Date of Withdrawal   ::   Refund Allowed
        1st thru 5th instructional day  ::  100%
        6th thru 10th instructional day  ::  50%
        after 10th instructional day  ::  none.

The above refund schedule is set by the MinnState Board and is subject to change.

Refunds of room and meals are pro-rated on the unused portion of the room and meals previously paid. Students withdrawing from the residence halls must withdraw at the Residence Life office in Naoutha.

Students who are dismissed or expelled from the University due to conduct violations will be responsible for payment of all tuition, fees, and room and meals according to the withdrawal schedule.

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