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Advising Center

IL 224E, 507-537-7100

The Advising Center at SMSU assists new, transfer and readmitted students in their transition to the University, and provides advising and related services to all SMSU students. The Advising Center is the official office for a University Withdrawal.

Other responsibilities include working with students on academic warning and probation, the Early Alert program, advising undeclared students, participating in the Orientation/Registration Day programs, and most importantly meeting with all students who have questions or concerns.

The goals for the Advising Center include:

  1. Serving as an information center for all students with questions or concerns.
  2. Provide developmental advising to the student.
  3. Developing programs for new students that facilitate a successful transition to the University.
  4. Coordinating the assignment of advisors to all students.
  5. Working with students on academic warning and probation.
  6. Connecting students with their majors, or prospective major disciplines.

All students are invited to take advantage of the services in the Advising Center. For more information, contact the Advising Center at 507-537-7100.

Last Modified: 7/30/19 11:32 AM