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Academic Success Program

Southwest Minnesota State University strives to ensure each student's success.  Applicants whose academic profile does not meet SMSU's regular admission policy may be selected to participate in the Academic Success Program.

SMSU understands that these students have the potential for academic success, but need additional support in making a successful transition to the expectations of university life.  The Academic Success Program provides focused academic advising and instructional support, and requires enrollment in IDST 110 The University Experience during their first semester.  This 2-credit orientation and transition course is designed to assist students' integration into the SMSU community and strengthen skills for academic and personal success.  Academic Success Program students must complete this course with a grade of "C'' or better.  In addition, students also work with a designated advisor to set and achieve their academic goals and enhance their foundation for lifelong learning. 

Last Modified: 2/8/18 2:54 PM