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Tutor Application

Tutor Application Form

All application should go to Dr. Lori Baker at:

1. Name:
2. Email Address:
3. Campus Phone:
4. Campus Address:
5. Student ID#:
6. Home Address:
7. Home Phone:
8. Major:
9. College Level (fr., soph., jr.,sr.):
10. Name of a professor (other than the Writing Center director) who can recommend you:
11. Have you taken English 490, 480, or the Learning Resources tutoring class, or have you tutored before? Please describe.

12. Please describe any other experiences you think are relevant to working in the Writing Center.

13. Please describe what you think a Writing Center consultant should do.

14. Please describe why you want to be a Writing Center consultant.



15. Please attach a writing sample to this application.

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