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About the Program

Students in the Psychology Program at Southwest Minnesota State University develop an understanding of the major approaches, methods, and principles which psychologists use to explore human thought and behavior. Psychology Majors learn how to apply psychological research and theory so they can use this knowledge in a variety of areas, from industry to mental health. Regardless of whether you are interested in getting a job right out of college or going on to graduate school, you will receive a strong foundation in psychology. Personal attention combined with rigorous training yield a rich and rewarding four years at Southwest Minnesota State.

Ranked 13th!

SMSU’s Bachelor’s in Psychology Ranked 13th in the Nation

Cost & Financial Aid

  • Undergraduate Online tuition rates are affordable and banded for full time student enrollments.
  • SMSU offers in-state tuition to nearly everyone. No out-state rates. Reciprocity rates may apply.
  • U.S. Citizens & eligible noncitizens can apply for federal aid with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Minnesota residents completing the FAFSA will also be considered for Minnesota State Grant and Federal Direct loan funds as well.
  • SMSU offers a variety of Scholarships that students can apply for!
  • Return on investment! SMSU graduates have a 99% Employment Rate within 6 months of graduation!

Admission Requirements

Students wishing to be considered for admission to Southwest Minnesota State University must present the following information:

Note: Final high school transcripts, complete with date of graduation, must be submitted to the Office of Admission prior to enrollment.

Transfer students wishing to be considered for admission to Southwest Minnesota State University must present the following information:

  • Completed Application for Admission and non-refundable application fee of $20.
  • Official transcripts from each post-secondary institution attended outside the MinnState System, transcripts must be sent directly from each institution to the Southwest Minnesota State University Office of Admission.
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Careers In Psychology

Because psychology majors can think critically, write, do research, and solve applied problems, they are well prepared for entry-level employment in mental health agencies, business and industry, casework, child care, human relations, gerontology, health services, marketing and public relations, probation and parole, sales, and technical writing. To assist students with their interests in these diverse subfields of psychology, students enroll early in Psychology Seminar, a professional development course. They may also take advantage of a variety of internship and volunteer opportunities in the Southwest Minnesota region. Pursuing international study is another great way to better discern one’s career interests, and students majoring in psychology have regularly taken advantage of international studies opportunities through various cross-cultural education programs.

  • Mental Health
  • Business
  • Casework
  • Child Care
  • Career Services
  • Gerontology
  • Health Services
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Management
  • Court Services

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