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Cleveland Helping Make the Region Healthier

Posted 04.15.2016

Cleveland Helping Make the Region Healthier

Assistant Professor of Exercise Science Kris Cleveland is helping make Marshall and the region a healthier place.

Cleveland is part of a grassroots initiative called Healthy56258. The group’s aim is to establish and sustain a culture of health and wellness. Its vision is to improve healthy eating and physical activity through strategically selected projects and programs.

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MARL Class IX Selected

Posted 06.30.2016

MARL Class IX Selected

Thirty individuals have been selected to participate in the Minnesota Agriculture and Rural Leadership Program, Class IX.

MARL is a dynamic two-year educational experience featuring nine, three-day in-state seminars, a six-day national study seminar and a two-week international study seminar.

Each class is comprised of 30 participants. Two thirds are agricultural producers and the other third are people involved in agribusiness or rural leadership positions.

“The quality of applicants to the MARL Program continues to be high,” said Executive Director Olga Reuvekamp. “The board had a very difficult task in selecting MARL Class IX participants,” she said. “The program really develops the leadership qualities of the participants, and these are the individuals who are making a difference in agriculture today.”

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A Lot of Work Goes Into Keeping Grounds Looking Good

Posted 06.30.2016

A Lot of Work Goes Into Keeping Grounds Looking Good

SMSU is the youngest of the seven Minnesota State institutions, and while a lot of effort has gone into the physical buildings, the outdoor landscaping has certainly not been left behind. Over time, those early plantings have matured, and a dedicated staff of Physical Plant employees spend hours year-round to keep the campus looking its best.

The summer beauty is the highlight of the year. Some areas in their prime right now, according to Jeff Jennings, Grounds and Roads Maintenance Supervisor, include the spaces outside the BA-CH link, around the Student Center, and the native areas near Sweetland Hall. “The people who visit in the summer get a real treat!” he said.

Jennings has been at SMSU for 14 years. He grew up on a farm near Miller, S.D., and carried his love for the outdoors through his college years at South Dakota State. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture with emphases in Landscape Design and Horticulture, and a master’s degree in Geography with an emphasis in Urban Forestry.

Jennings worked in Grounds Maintenance at Drake University and Black Hills State University before coming to SMSU.

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SMSU to Play Key Role in Literacy Volunteers Initiative

Posted 06.23.2016

SMSU to Play Key Role in Literacy Volunteers Initiative

Southwest Minnesota State University will be a part of a Literacy Volunteers of Southwest Minnesota initiative to address the achievement gap in Marshall Public Schools.

Literacy Volunteers of Southwest Minnesota recently received a Bush Foundation grant of $145,000 for a 25-month project that will address that achievement gap through a number of strategies.

The grant will fund two half-time positions. One person will be housed at the university’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion, and the other with the Literacy Volunteers of Southwest Minnesota.

Research indicates there is an achievement gap between white students at middle- or upper-income levels and other populations, including students of color, English language learners and students at lower income levels.

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