Craig Wolter

2003 Alumni Achievement Award


Last spring, Craig Wolter (’89 SSU) was named Middle School Science Teacher of the Year by the Minnesota Science Teachers Association. It is the latest award he has received along with the Vincent J. Marteka Award for innovation and creativity in teaching science; and award from the American Chemistry Council for innovative teaching in science and SMSU Teacher Showcase Award. For his outstanding teaching ability Craig will be given an Alumni Achievement Award at Homecoming 2003.

“I was influenced by Scott Eckhoff, my eighth grade science teacher. At Southwest I had the chance to work with Roger Reedy and Dale Sparling.

“They got me started on earth sciences. I student taught with Loren Wiger and from that point on I knew teaching was for me. Laren Barker, Betsy Desy and Ed Carberry are great educators, innovative and gifted people.”

Craig travels extensively to bring experiences to class with him. Whether it is studying oceans and the effect of weather and global change or geology in Colorado or tornadoes in Oklahoma, Craig endeavors to bring his many experiences to his students.

Wolter and Paula are the parents of two children: Nicholas 8 and Spencer 5.

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