First Time Licensure

Steps for Licensure Information

Your degree must be posted on your DARS before licensure process can begin.
You need to pass all the required teacher licensure exams (Basic Skills, Content, and Pedagogy) before beginning the licensure process for a full 5 year license; you must have taken all tests to apply for a full 1 year license.

Follow these guidelines to apply for your first Professional MN Teaching License:
1. Complete the SMSU Application for Teaching License
2. Complete the online application at MDE.

              Go to
              Click on Online Licensing System - you will need to create an account.
You will also be asked to pay online for the application. NO money gets sent to SMSU.
Print out the License Application Cover Page.
Print out the Verification Form of Completion of State Approved Licensure Program; this is the form the Licensing Officer at SMSU needs to sign off on in order for you to complete the licensure process.

3. Complete the fingerprint card; this can be done at a police station.

Then send the following to the *Licensing Officer at SMSU:

      1. SMSU Application Form

      2. License Application Cover Page & Verification Form of Completion of State Approved Licensure Program

      3. Completed Fingerprint Card

*Send to:

Southwest Minnesota State University

Attn:  Licensure Officer

1501 State St.

Marshall, MN 56258

You will be notified by email when your license application has been sent to the PELSB.

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