Strategic Goals

Integration with Goals from
The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU)
And Southwest Minnesota State University (SMSU)
October 15, 2003
Education Department Goals Revised/Approved September 29, 2004 

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System
Strategic Plan: Designing the Future

Our mission is to provide the diverse citizens of Minnesota the benefits of high-quality, accessible, future-oriented higher education; relevant research; and community service.

The MnSCU System of diverse institutions offers unequaled breadth, variety, and quality of educational opportunities across the state. Collectively, and in partnership, we offer learning opportunities for a technologically sophisticated world that result in:

  • Contributing and empowered citizens
  • Active participants in a democratic society
  • Educated, skilled, and adaptable workers
  • Innovative lifelong learners
  • Practical research and development
  • Strong communities

Guiding Principles

  • Student Focus
  • Community Success
  • Stewardship

Strategic Directions and Goals

Strategic Direction 1 - Increase Access and Opportunity
Strategic Direction 2 - Expand High Quality Learning Programs and Services
Strategic Direction 3 - Strengthen Community Development and Economic Vitality
Strategic Direction 4 - Fully Integrate the System

Teacher Education falls under Strategic Direction 1: Increase Access and Opportunity. System Goal 6 is to establish partnerships with elementary and secondary educators to prepare students and teachers. The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities will establish more partnerships with elementary and secondary educators to help students graduate from high school prepared to achieve success in post-secondary programs and to prepare teachers for today’s diverse schools.

Southwest Minnesota State University
Marshall, MN. 56258

Designing the Future at SMSU: Service to Students and Communities

The mission of Southwest Minnesota State University is to provide quality liberal arts, professional, and technical programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Southwest Minnesota State University is dedicated to excellence in teaching and to preparing students to be life-long learners in a changing global, social, and natural environment.

The University has a special commitment to the educational needs of people in its service region. This commitment is reflected in the curricula, cultural enrichment programs, cooperative relationships with other regional institutions, and in service and research contributions to both the public and private sectors of the region.

The SMSU mission is reflected in the following seven strategic goals.

1. SMSU will continue to be the higher education institution of first choice in Southwest Minnesota.

2. SMSU will develop students’ talents to prepare them to be successful in life.

3. SMSU will create comprehensive learning experiences for its students.

4. SMSU will contribute significantly to the quality of life in southwestern Minnesota.

5. SMSU will manage itself to ensure high quality standards.

6. SMSU will establish a distinguished record as a student-centered higher education institution.

7. SMSU will seek to optimize its fiscal, human, and physical resources.

Southwest Minnesota State University; Marshall, MN 56258
Communities of Practice Investigating Learning and Teaching

Education Department Professional Commitments/Goals

Designing the Future in Teacher Education at SMSU

The Mission:

The mission of Professional Education at SMSU is to create communities of practice where each learner is an active participant in the development of learning, teaching, and leadership processes by engagement in inquiry, critical reflection, and study of educational theory, research, and practice in pursuit of excellence.

The Vision:

The SMSU Professional Education Unit is a community of learners dedicated to the continuous development of quality practice, personal/professional growth, and leadership.

Mission and Vision Adopted Fall 2001

Four Goal Areas Adopted Fall 2001; Reviewed Fall 2002;

Revised to Three Goals Areas Spring 2003

Strategic Goals Adopted October 15, 2003

Strategic Goals Revised/Adopted September 29, 2004

The Education Department strategic goals are aligned with the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities and the Southwest Minnesota State University strategic goals. They are reviewed on an annual basis. Education faculty align their professional development with these standards as well as the five criteria established in the MnSCU/Interfaculty Organization Contract. As Professional Education Faculty at SMSU we believe in caring communities and demonstrate this with the following goals to:

GOAL AREA 1. Develop and support state of the art programs that enhance learning, teaching, and leadership.

SMSU Campus
Strategic Goals
Education Department Strategic Goals CF Standards

1, 2, 3, 6

Strategic Goal 1.1: Prioritize selection and development of innovative and research-based programs that support Communities of Practice Investigating Learning and Teaching.


1, 2, 3, 6

Strategic Goal 1.2: Develop a variety of delivery systems for courses and programs.


1, 2, 3, 6

Strategic Goal 1.3: Provide and advocate for diverse, multicultural and global education.


5, 7

Strategic Goal 1.4: Seek an administrative structure, shared governance, and a Dean or Associate Dean of Education responsible for all professional education programs.  This includes, but is not limited to, the licensure officer, field experience support, Brainerd program, on- and off-campus programs.


GOAL AREA 2. Continue collaborating with stakeholders.

SMSU Campus
Strategic Goals
Education Department Strategic Goals CF Standards

3, 4

Strategic Goal 2.1: Promote continued strong partnerships with cooperating schools,  programs, and agencies.


2, 3, 5, 6

Strategic Goal 2.2: Promote strong support, involvement, and advisement for pre-service and in-service teachers.


1, 4

Strategic Goal 2.3:  Seek and develop new partnerships and programs with stakeholders.


GOAL AREA 3. Expand personally and professionally through Communities of Practice (Professional Education Faculty).

SMSU Campus
Strategic Goals
Education Department Strategic Goals CF Standards

4, 5, 7

Strategic Goal 3.1: Participate in and facilitate learning, scholarship, personal, and professional development.


5, 7

Strategic Goal 3.2: Develop and formalize the current mentoring system for faculty and staff.


5, 7

Strategic Goal 3.3: Create community and nurture professional relationships among faculty and staff.


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