Teacher Education Program Application

A student must make formal application for admission to the Teacher Education Program (TEP) if he/she is working toward licensure. Admission to the TEP is a prerequisite for most 300 or 400 level Education methods courses.

All students will submit their application with LiveText. If you have not previously purchased LiveText, you may do so by contacting the Barnes & Noble Campus Bookstore at 507.337.1450 or SM021@BNCollege.com. 

LiveText Information

How to create a new TEP Application in LiveText

Click this link to go to LiveText.


TEP Instructions 

Teacher Education Program (TEP) Application  Information packet *updated February 14, 2018*

Criteria for Admission


Forms which will need to be submitted in LiveText are listed below. All forms are also accessible from your LiveText Application.

Welcome Flyer *instructions to sign up for the Education Listserve*

Biographical Data Form

Essay Requirements & Rubric

Academic Faculty Reference Form

Education Faculty Reference Form

Teacher Education Readiness Inventory

Student Dispositions Self-Assessment Form

Verification of Experience with Children/Adolescents Form (minimum of 2 required)

Permissions and Understandings Form

Professional Dispositions Acceptance

Student Plan for Passing NES or MTLE Exams

Minnesota NES Essential Academic Skills Test Information & Registration Instructions


Conditional Admission Plan

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