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Upper Sioux Community has zero tolerance for illegal activity. EDUCATION INITIATIVE


This website is devoted to an education initiative for the Upper Sioux Community in Granite Falls, Southwest Minnesota. Education is Culturally Empowering is the title of this project; however, to be empowered in this regard signifies that education must be grounded in culture, experiences, and humanity, in addition to teaching other values, skills, and knowledge.

Education is Culturally Empowering is a comprehensive undertaking to develop an educational initiative in support of the Upper Sioux Community’s zero tolerance policy on the use of illegal drugs. In early 2006, the Tribal Council adopted a zero tolerance policy regarding such drugs in the Community. Suffice it to say this educational initiative thus provides a powerful catalyst for children to see illegal drugs as a mortal enemy. With this in mind, children are seen as the future and will therefore bear a big responsibility over the years in elevating the community in a multitude of ways.

More specifically, this educational initiative targets children in elementary and middle grades with curricula that foster a healthy and culturally enlightening way of life that is drug free. These curricula are grounded in Upper Sioux culture, particularly values, dispositions, and aesthetics. A number of carefully developed lesson plans for the various grades constitute the core of this educational initiative.

Mother Earth

Mother Earth



It is important to note that the proliferation of illegal drugs and associated menaces have become a challenge for this Community and others in the country. The large billboard signs strategically posted in the community and this education initiative are a testament to the community’s seriousness and proactive approach in addressing illegal drugs and related vices. Such problems are not solvable in the short term, since dependency and addiction are usually inextricable shortcomings associated with such activities. Therefore, in addition to addressing these problems from a health standpoint, appropriate education is really the ultimate mechanism that can free the individual from drug dependency and related vices.


Upper Sioux's Organizational Structure
Upper Sioux's Organizational Structure

The Upper Sioux Community has a powerful Mission to empower both individuals and the Community in myriad ways. This Mission is the collective vision and wisdom of Community members, and is reflective of thousands of years of the community's history and contemporary approaches to culture both within and beyond the Community. To gain more insight and information about the Upper Sioux Nation’s organizational structure, copy and paste this website in your browser: http://www.uppersiouxcommunity-nsn.gov/. The flashing symbol above showing the organizational structure is the cover page of the Community's website. The circular formation in the middle is symbolic of how meaning is constructed within the Community.



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