Urban Teacher Education Partnership

Committed to Making a Difference

Welcome to our vision for the future! Saint Paul Schools, West Side Schools of Excellence, Four Seasons A+ Elementary, and the Minnesota State Colleges and the Universities have joined to form a unique partnership whose goal reflects the values of each institution . . . Excellence in education for all students as lifelong learners.

From a child's initial exposure to school through his/her college years and beyond, we seek a just world where opportunity and success are available to all. Teachers transform learners into lifelong learners, critical and creative thinkers, and effective citizens in a democratic society.

The Urban Teacher Education partnership is committed to the general welfare of individual students and the world through openness, understanding and accommodation.

Preparing Teachers for Success in the Urban Community

As our society becomes increasingly diverse and urban, teachers must acquire the knowledge, skills and dispositions which support effective practice in multicultural urban schools.

MN State Colleges and Universities

MN. State Universities prepare students to perform with excellence as educational professionals in the service of region, state and nation. Through the Urban Teacher Education Partnership, students have the opportunity to understand and value the diversity within the urban community. From classroom and exchanges to direct immersion experiences with the people and culture in community activities, the university students refine their knowledge, acquire new values, and become effective teachers and role models.

Saint Paul Public Schools - Excellence in Education

The schools of the West Side Schools of Excellence and Four Seasons A+ Elementary are the Saint Paul Schools partners in the Urban Teacher Education Partnership. Riverview, Roosevelt, Cherokee Heights, Humboldt Junior High, and Humboldt Senior High make up the K-12 West Side Schools of Excellence, an educational community on Saint Paul's West Side. Students progress through the four schools, which span kindergarten through grade twelve, using a sequential K-12 curriculum and an individualized education plan for each elementary-aged student.

Four Seasons Elementary is a year round learning experience that combines interdisciplinary teaching and daily arts instruction to create a third entity: a powerful learning force that positively affects all students in the school through hands-on, interactive learning experiences.

All Saint Paul Schools provide a quality, caring environment for a diverse population using a student-centered approach whose philosophy of education is based on the Saint Paul Schools strategic plan:

  • Preparing all students for life
  • Providing clear and accurate reporting
  • Engaging the public
  • Creating institutional change
  • Respecting and including all cultures and differences

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