About the Wellness & Human Performance Department

The WHP Department offers programs in health education, physical education, exercise science, recreation, and sports management with minors in coaching, adapted physical activities and DAPE (Developmental Adaptive Physical Education).

The Mission Statement of the department is:

"Through the study of human movement, wellness and healthy lifestyles, the Department of Wellness & Human Performance will promote lifelong learning, motivate participation, and develop leadership with a commitment to excellence in teaching and learning, diverse curriculum and responsive service to the region."

Emphasis of the Health Education Major

It is the philosophy of the faculty teaching Health Education majors to provide diverse learning experiences and strong knowledge base of health to enable students to successfully teach health education upon completion of the program. Active learning strategies are incorporated into the classes to expand the student’s ability to learn and teach. In addition, Service Learning experiences are designed to enhance the curriculum.

Active/Service Learning

Within the Health Education major, students will have multiple opportunities to observe and teach in the classroom and settings throughout the community. In addition, service learning activities such as the Vision, Hearing, and Scoliosis screenings, judging the 8th grade Health Fair, Mustang Rodeo, Home School activities, Special Olympics are part of classes offered for the Health Education major. Students are able to connect the discipline of health from the college classroom to practical career skills.

Career Opportunities

Graduates will have a wide variety of career opportunities including graduate school, teaching K-12 public/private health education, and community health agencies.

Scholarship Opportunities

Incoming students may be eligible for a number of academic and leadership scholarships through the Office of Admission. These scholarships are awarded based on a student’s past academic performance including ACT score, GPA, class rank, and leadership activities. The WHP Department also offers an annual scholarship to a returning student who has demonstrated good academic performance, leadership ability, and participation in the major’s club.


Wellness and Human Performance majors are encouraged to gain experience through internships, field work, preschool screening, work-study jobs in intramurals, fitness centers, and aquatics. The WHP Major’s Club hosts conferences and regional/national speakers. Students participate in public school classroom observation, state and national conventions, student research projects, and faculty/student memberships. Majors in the WHP department have presented at regional and state conferences.

Facilities and Services

Facilities available to students include: an exercise science lab, indoor tennis courts, computer lab, a dance studio, gymnastics room, wrestling room, 25 yard pool and diving well, three racquetball courts, free access to Internet and World-Wide Web, seven indoor basketball/volleyball courts, indoor field house with running track and a fitness center with free weights and exercise equipment. Outdoor fields are used for softball, basketball, football, intramurals, soccer and the nature trail (running, walking, and cross-country skiing)

About SMSU

Founded in 1963, Southwest Minnesota State University has earned a reputation for excellence. Located on a beautiful interconnected and accessible campus, Southwest Minnesota offers three master’s programs in addition to over 50 undergraduate programs. The faculty and staff at Southwest Minnesota State set it apart and make it an outstanding small university offering the equivalent of a private school education at a fraction of the cost.

Bachelor of Science: Health Education (52 credits):
HLTH 100 Personal Health & Wellness  2
HLTH 110 First Aid and Safety/CPR  2
HLTH 225 Alcohol, Narcotics, & Tobacco  2
HLTH 230 Concepts of School Health  2
HLTH 232 Nutrition  3
HLTH 330 Human Sexuality & Healthy Behavior  3
HLTH 350 Community Health  2
HLTH 390 Health Promotion  3
HLTH 410 Human Growth & Development  2
HLTH 492 Organization & Methods: Health Education  3
BIOL 100 Biology in the Modern World  
BIOL 200 Cell Biology (Prereq. CHEM 121 or 131)   4 
BIOL 305 Human Anatomy & Physiology I (w/lab)  4
PE 101 Introduction to Health & Physical Education  3
PE 108 Basic Tech. in Sport, Activity, and PE    3
PE 220 Curriculum & Instruction  2
PE 249 Physical Fitness Concepts  2
PE 497 Senior Seminar    2
PSYC 101 General Psychology I  3
PSYC 246 Psychology of Adjustment    3
SOCI 101 Introduction to Sociology  3
Credits  52
Health Education Majors are Required to:  
By the end of the sophomore year, the student should get the application packet from the Education Department. A student must be accepted into the Education Program in order to take ED 301 or HLTH 492 level course.
Professional Secondary Education Sequence (32 credits):  
ED 101 Introduction to Education w/lab  3
ED 102 Technology: Classroom Application  2
ED 301 Technology & Learning Process w/lab  3
ED 304 Professional Development and Classroom Applications (Offered Spring Semester Only) 1
ED 312 Human Relations  3
ED 430 Reading in the Content Area  2
ED 469 Secondary Student Teaching: 5-12*  12
SPED 290 Introduction to Special Needs w/lab  3
PSYC 341 Child and Adolescent Psychology  3
Credits  32
* Double Majors in Health and Physical Education are required to take ED 466 K-12 student teaching only.


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