GOLD Spring Classes

March 21st - April 28th



For more information on GOLD College or any of its sponsored events, contact:
  Marcia Beukelman at 507-537-7164 or email at:


Memoir Writing                                                        9:00-11:00
Greatest Lakota Leaders                                       9:00-11:00
A Look Back at the 1950's                                     11:30-1:30
SMSU Sampler                                                         2:00-4:00
US Presidents                                                           2:00-4:00

Current Events                                                        9:00-11:00
Relationships                                                          11:30-1:30
Secret Places                                                           2:00-4:00
Needle Arts Open Studio                                      2:00-4:00

Frank Lloyd Wright                                               9:00-11:00
Living Well with Chronic Conditions                   9:00-11:00
Pirates                                                                   11:30-1:30
Computer Tips and Tricks                                     2:00-4:00
Revolutionary War                                                  2:00-4:00

Wood Carving                                                       9:00-11:00
Music                                                                      11:30-1:30
Painting                                                                  11:30-1:30
Making Your Own Pottery                                       2:00-4:00
Laughter Yoga                                            

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