GOLD Spring Classes

March 21st - April 28th



For more information on GOLD College or any of its sponsored events, contact:
  Marcia Beukelman at 507-537-7164 or email at:


Memoir Writing                                                        9:00-11:00
Greatest Lakota Leaders                                       9:00-11:00
A Look Back at the 1950's                                     11:30-1:30
SMSU Sampler                                                         2:00-4:00
US Presidents                                                           2:00-4:00

Current Events                                                        9:00-11:00
Relationships                                                          11:30-1:30
Secret Places                                                           2:00-4:00
Needle Arts Open Studio                                      2:00-4:00

Frank Lloyd Wright                                               9:00-11:00
Living Well with Chronic Conditions                   9:00-11:00
Pirates                                                                   11:30-1:30
Computer Tips and Tricks                                     2:00-4:00
Revolutionary War                                                  2:00-4:00

Wood Carving                                                       9:00-11:00
Music                                                                      11:30-1:30
Painting                                                                  11:30-1:30
Making Your Own Pottery                                       2:00-4:00
Laughter Yoga                                            

Story Image Mark Fokken is Cowan Award Winner

Mark Fokken is the recipient of the Cathy Cowan Award and will be honored at Commencement on May 7.

Story Image Jefferson Lee IV is SMSU Nominee for MnSCU Professional Excellence...

Jefferson Lee IV has been selected as the Southwest Minnesota State University nominee for the Professional Excellence Award for Administrative Service Faculty.

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