Major: B.A.S. Law Enforcement Administration

The B.A.S. degree is built on a “2+2” platform. During the first two years (64 credits), a student completes an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree in Law Enforcement Administration. In the final two years (64 credits) of SMSU’s B.A.S. program, a student takes a 42-semester credit major (described below) in Law Enforcement Administration, and 22 semester credit hours (SCH) of general education and related courses. A large number of the courses in this program will be available via the Internet.

To earn the B.A.S. in Law Enforcement Administration, a student will:

  1. Complete the degree requirements for an A.A.S. degree in Law Enforcement.
  2. Consult with an SMSU faculty advisor, and then take 22 additional SCH of courses from the Liberal Arts Curriculum/Minnesota Transfer Curriculum.
  3. Meet the graduation requirements of Southwest Minnesota State University.
  4. Complete the 42-credit major in Law Enforcement Administration as outlined below.

Bachelor of Applied Science –Law Enforcement Administration Requirements:

General Recommended LAC/MTC requirements (minimum 22 credits)
All students enrolled in a Bachelor of Applied Science degree will be required to complete
a minimum of 22 General Education credits. These additional courses will be determined by
an evaluation of the General Education courses taken within the A.A.S. degree.

A. Social Science Component: (21 credits)

  • POL 324 3cr. Local and Rural Politics
  • SOCI 331 3cr. Minorities in America
  • SWRK 340 3cr. Human Behavior in the Social Environment
  • PHIL 305 3cr. Law, Liberty, and Morality
  • PSYC 335 3cr. Abnormal Psychology
  • JUAD 442 3cr. Court and Corrections Management
  • JUAD 448 3cr. White Collar Crime
  • JUAD 498 3cr. Senior Seminar (Capstone Course

B. Administrative Component: (21 credits)

  • MGMT 300 3cr. Management Principles
  • MGMT 350 3cr. Human Resources
  • MGMT 450 3cr. Diversity Management
  • MGMT 451 3cr. Human Resource Development
  • MGMT 460 3cr. Leadership and Team Management
  • PBAD 325 3cr. Administrative Law
  • PBAD 350 3cr. Public Budgeting

C. Graduation Requirements

  • Wellness and Health Requirement
  • Regional Studies Requirement
  • Capstone Course (See Above)

Total Credits: 42

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