Major: B.S. Communication Arts and Literature/Secondary Education

Bachelor of Science: Communication Arts and Literature/Secondary Education

I. Literature/English Requirements: 49 credits
(All students in this major must take LIT 263: Poetry as the LAC “Literature/Humanities” class.)
LIT 250 3cr. Critical Approaches to Literature
LIT 410 3cr. Literature and Literacy for Adolescents
ENG 361 3cr. Advanced Composition
ENG 365 3cr. Modern Grammar
ENG 490 3cr. Contemporary Composition: Theory and Pedagogy
One of the following: 3cr.
LIT 261 3cr. Novel
LIT262 3cr. Short Story
LIT 263 3cr. Poetry
LIT 264 3cr. World Drama: The Global Perspective
One British survey: 4cr.
LIT 322 4cr. British Literature: Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
One American survey: 4cr.
LIT 331 4cr. American Literature: Beginning through Realism and Naturalism
LIT 332 4cr. American Literature: Modern and Contemporary
One of the following:1cr.
LIT 303 1cr. British Authors: Short Course
LIT 304 1cr. American Authors: Short Course
LIT 305 1cr. World Authors: Short Course
One of the following courses with a diversity designation: 3cr.
LIT 335 3cr. African American Literature
LIT 340 3cr. Sexuality and Gender Literature
LIT 350 3cr. Western American Literature
LIT 355 3cr. Native American Literature
LIT 375 3cr. Literature by and about Women
One credit of LIT at 300 level or writing at 200 level ** 1cr.

II. Speech Communication Requirements:

SPCH 200 3cr. Small Group Communication
SPCH 215 3cr. Oral Interpretation
SPCH 230 3cr. Interpersonal and Cross-Cultural Communication
SPCH 256 3cr. Argumentation and Debate
SPCH 330 3cr. Mass Media and Society
SPCH 450 3cr. Secondary Teaching Methods: Speech

Total Credits: 49

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