Summer Program

  • May Summer packets are due, hand in at tutoring or bring packets to orientation
  • May 30th Orientation for Summer Program at SMSU
  • 5 to 6 weeks summer program, 5 weeks of summer classes/evening activities, 6th week is travel wee

Week 1:  Besides classes this week,  students spent evenings making door signs/arts/crafts, playing sand volleyball, bean bag toss, and basketball. They also attended a History class with Joan Gittens on Tuesday, went on a tour of the SMSU Library and resources, attended a movie, and went to the Lyon County Museum on Thursday for a presentation, scavenger hunt, and ice cream.

Week 2: Students played basketball/volleyball in the gym, swimming on Tuesday,  capture the flag in the dark on Thursday, and Aberdeen UB students will be joining us on Friday. On Friday the students will receive a college tour of SMSU and participate in activities/games in the afternoon and evening with the Aberdeen UB students.

SMSU Psychology students bring in a therapy dog

Abeerdeen travels to SMSU: both Upward Bound Programs toured the college and participated in a day full of activities!

Week 3: UB students played board games, swimming on Tuesday, and Traveled to Prairie Woods Wednesday through Friday.

Prairie Woods: Campfire, Skipping rocks, Swimming, and Games Night

Prairie Woods: Initiation Game

Prairie Woods: Flying Squirrel

Prairie Woods: Obstacle Courses

Prairie Woods: Rock Climbing

Prairie Woods: Canoeing

More Swimming and Water Activities

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