Academic Appeals & Deans List

Academic Appeals:

Appeals for students who have been placed on academic suspension are held after fall, spring and summer semesters. Students are notified by mail at their permanent address if they need to appeal, and an e-mail is also sent to the student's SMSU e-mail account. Contact the Academic Deans' Office for further information.

Dean's List:

Dean’s List recognition will occur during fall and spring semester. An undergraduate student who completes at least 12 SMSU earned A- F graded credits and achieves a grade-point-average of 3.5 or higher will be considered for the Dean’s List. If a 4.0 grade-point-average is achieved the student will be on the High Honors Dean’s List. All grades must be reported, with the exception of Internships/Practicums, to be considered for the Dean’s List. The Dean’s List will be determined only on the 15th working day after the semester’s last final exam day. Each semester the University publicly recognizes superior academic performance through notations on the students’ transcript, a press release and notices posted in the appropriate academic Department and the Dean’s Office.

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