Meeting Schedule

2017-2018 Proposal and Meeting Schedule

All monthly Curriculum Committee meetings take place in SS 105 (The Brass Room) beginning at 3:30PM.

Curriculum Committee Meeting Dates

Noon Deadline for Proposals of Major Significance

Noon Deadline for Proposals of Less than Major Significance

SmSUFA Presentation Dates

September 20

September 6

September 13

September 28

October 18

October 4

October 11

October 26

November 29

November 15

November 21

December 7

January 17

January 3

January 10

January 25

February 14

January 31

February 7

February 22

March 21

March 7 March 14 March 29

April 18

April 4 April 11 April 26

A Curriculum Proposal Log and Fiscal Year (FY) proposals are securely archived in: 

SMSU t-drive> Curriculum Committee>Curriculum Proposals Archive  The monthly agenda is available in the t-drive 48 hours in advance of that month's scheduled meeting.

All faculty members and select administrators have access to the secure folder. If any faculty member experiences access issues, contact the TRC at 6111 or


VPN needs to be set up if trying to access the SMSU secure t-drive from off-campus. For this, also contact the TRC.



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