International Transfer Credit

International Transfer Credit

For applicants who are looking for a transfer of credits from a university foreign to the U.S., we must have your post-secondary transcripts be evaluated to determine course transferability.

Southwest Minnesota State University used to require an ECE Catalog Match however the company no longer does these types of matches and we have not found a suitable replacement as of yet.   (Course by Course and General matches do NOT work so please do not do these evaluations).   What we require is for you to bring your Official Transcripts along with ALL of the course descriptions from the official Unversity Course Catalog with you.    Once here, International Staff will assist you with the process of working with SMSU faculty to get your courses transferred.  

Important things to note about this credit/course evaluation

  • This evaluation is not a requirement for Undergraduate admissions. (An evaluation is required for Graduate Admissions - please see their requirements here
  • Applicants will be admitted as incoming freshmen and their student status will be changed upon arrival and transfer credit process completion.  
  • Failure to submit an complete the evaluation process in a timely manner would bring an impact on academic advising
  • Some consulates around the world believe that this evaluation should be completed before you attempt the visa interview however we will provide language on your I-20 that states it will be completed upon your arrival and this has been accepted with no issues by consulates. 

Southwest Minnesota State University understands that there is no guarantee that applicants will be granted a Visa even though the applicant is successfully admitted into the university. Furthermore, it is understood that the cost  the SEVIS fee ($200) and the SMSU application fee ($20) represent an investment on the part of the student and family. For this reason, SMSU does not fully require an evaluation prior to your arrival on campus to begin your undergraduate studies.

At your request, we will put the following statement on your I-20 under the comments section: "Due to the costly nature of this evaluation, credits from the student's prior university will be evaluated upon arrival to the U.S. Student's class standing will be re-evaluated at that time."


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