Meet Kate Tamm

Kate Tamm

Admission Counselor

Cell: (612)-756-2983

Recruitment Territory:  Twin Cities Metro Area
Other duties in the office:  Open Houses and Registration Programs
Favorite Movie or TV show:  The Mindy Project
Favorite musician or type of music: Country Music
Favorite food:  French Fries
Favorite memory from being an SMSU Ambassador:  Seeing the students I toured enroll and on campus!
Your SMSU history (how long you’ve worked here or gone to SMSU):  Undergraduate Student and just started working at my alma matter in 2016!
Any habits or unique things you do:  I number everything and prefer odd numbers over even numbers :)
Hobby or pastime:  Downhill Skiing
One thing you love about SMSU:  The friendly people that make up our Mustang Family!
Any other interesting facts about yourself:  I can't walk over street drains and I don't like my food to touch before I eat it!

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