Anthony Caron is a Creative Writing Senior at SMSU.


Torrential Downpour

Once she said she loved the sea
with a tranquil flurried breeze,
dripping off the leaves of willow trees

as we lied and saw the East,
composing its blues with greens.

It felt like a dream that day
as we watched it wash away
all the things inside, that felt like pain.

But outside we knew rain fades
and she hasn’t been the same.

Monsoon, storm once in a while
Monsoon, I could use a smile.

It’s as cold as when she left,
I can see it in my breath;
Our family and I miss her to death.

But, Mom, everything’s a mess,
did you know that this was theft?

Inside I’m always at war
with mangled heart and décor.
But with love, comes torrential downpour

So rain is all I pray for,
I just wish that there was more.

Monsoon, cry some tears for me.
Monsoon, please, wash my mind clean.


Another night of singing my sweet seductive song,
for ears that crave the words on the tip of my tongue.
Each note in the airwaves hits every pitch and tone,
luring in the next victim curious, excited, and alone.

Listen to my voice, let the lyrics dance in your mind,
stripping down defenses with weaknesses easy to find.
Indulge in toxicity, an intimate kiss.
Get lost in the passion that overwhelms your lips.

And now, Love, we both know how this ends tonight,
but you don’t care, infatuated with every breath and bite.
Taste the venom on my tongue, moan the pain away.
Fall in love with the deadly game you came to play.

I always win, always. So what did you expect?
That a siren, like me, wouldn’t leave you shipwrecked?
This is how you die, teased to death begging to find,
another in this world of boredom to make you feel alive.

Copyright 2014 Anthony Caron

title photography by Amber Casperson