Danielle is currently finishing her Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and literature at Southwest Minnesota State University, where she is the poetry editor for the on campus literary journal, Perceptions. She plans to study both poetry and fiction at a graduate program yet to be determined in the fall of 2009. This will be her first published piece.


Swearing and spitting downtown
in the urban summer,
he's a sponge-painted sea turtle
fishing for taffeta cinderellas.

Learning about love
on the trek of life,
and diving into the bedroom
like a yoga instructor.

Reaping young ripe tomatoes
with unweathered hands
but only seeking a connection

Futile as a beached salmon,
sticky, dancing, gasping
and still, as vital to us as water to that fish.
We gasp for poetry, for passion,
for youth and justice.

He's drinking green tea and
feeling like he should be
walking India.