Issue Sixteen/Spring 2013

Valentina Cano/Poems
Darren Demaree/A Violent Sound in Almost Every Place #147
Richard Fein/Who Am I
Mae Flicek/Cogs
Adrian Potter/Disquieting Muses
Mark Anthony Rolo/Old Tree Woman
Caitlin Thomson/Poems
Kelsey Jennen/Running Pains / The Family Science

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Issue Fifteen/Fall 2012

D.C. Lynn/The Gulf of Siam
Amber Carlson/Prize
Brittney Heimermann/Mother and Child
Steven Klepetar/Poems
Dana Yost/Poems
Mark DeCarteret/Cryogenically Speaking Of Course
John Grey/Poems
Sy Roth/Bunker Inamorata
Barton Sutter/Poems
Rayme Waters/Substitutes

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Issue Fourteen/Spring 2012

Ken Pobo/Poems
Brian Barbeito/Lathe Isles and Logos
Laura Bania/The Ford
Stanley Galloway/Poems
Josh Straub/Confessions of an Iron Cross Junkie
Linda Crate/Poems
Carl Scharwath/City Mirrors
Timothy Dyson/Classic
Dana Yost/Poems
Alexis Stratton/The Poet's Daughter

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Issue Thirteen/Fall 2011

Christopher Owen/The Dirt Under My Fingernails
Carl James Grindley/Reply to Rumi and Lawrence on Snakes
Robert Scotellaro/Dark Dining
Rachel Marsom-Richmond/Janis Joplin is Tattooed by Lyle Tuttle
Graham Tugwell/She Kicks Amongst the Cabbages
Timothy Maloney/Child
Tami M. Johnson/Market Day
Rachel Lhotka/Pills
Jerry Schaefer/Poems

Issue Twelve/Spring 2011

Kristen McHenry/Letter to my Second Sister
Jenna Leslie/Sasquatch
Lara S. Williams/Those Dark Places
Dan Wahl/Prose Poems and Art
Dan Davis/Everybody loves to Cha Cha Cha
Kevin Brown/Scouge
John Palen/A Death in May
Eric Balchunas/Middle Class Hero

Issue Eleven/Fall 2010

Kenneth Gurney/My Hair
John Fry/Last South Texan Love Letter
Chris Crittenden/Confession
Pamela Miller/The Body Alone
Steve Klepetar/By The Black Stream
Rob Talbert/Confessions In A College Town
Howie Good/Just Like Buddy Holly
Melanie Ekroth/Broken Sensation
Anthony Rosso/I Didn't Know What To Say
Ann Stewart/Suck

Issue Ten/Spring 2010

John Bruce/The Master Teacher
Heather Cadenhead/Poems
Nannette Croce/Now Snow White is Dead
KJ Hays/Poems
Michael Lee Johnson/Poems
Amee Kramer/RSVP
Robert Lavender/A Place For People Like Us
Joey Mulder/Tree House
Ben Nardolilli/Poems

Issue Nine/Fall 2009

Kris Bigalk/ Poems
Aaron Cance/ Poems
Kimberly Freeman/ How to Play Notches
Lois Haak/ Home Security
M. Ann Hull/ From With To
Rochelle Luebke/ Hers Alone
M. J. Nicholls/ Cynicicysisticaldeboogieness
Heather K. Robinson/ Poems
Nicole Sheets/ The Traces You Leave

Issue Eight/Spring 2009

Tom Fillion/ Dinner at Saleh's
Peter Gloviczki/ Plans
Samantha Hendriks/ Ringing in Change
Kevin Fuschich/ The Dry Dock
Steve Klepetar/ Poems
Nirmala Pillai/ Vanity's Edge
Marietta Calvanico/ Turning the Corner
Katie Manning/ Beauty to the Beast
Mark Vogel/ Amanita Virosa

Issue Seven/Fall 2008

Philip Dacey/ Making Love in Le Sueur, Minnesota
Howie Good/ Love Song for a Bad Day
William Doreski/ Two Poems
Danielle Stanard/ 20-something
Paul J. McNeil/ Eddie Justine
Amanda Braun/ Two X's, a Q, and a Y

Issue Six/Spring 2008

Rashad L. Givhan / Kinfolk (Or How I Have Learned to Love Myself)
Marream Krollos/ Old Man
Lori Boulard/ Funhouse
Shaunte' Montgomery/ In a War-Battered Trench
Nicole Kallevig/ Finding the Forgotten
Cameron Conaway/ Poetry
Jeanpaul Ferro/ Jacob's Ladder
Teresa Tumminello Brader/ Late Wife
Ethan Saul Bull/ Inside the Shadow of You and I
Xavier Pastrano/ Poetry
Peter Joseph Gloviczki/ Slow Dance

Issue Five/Fall 2007

Srinjay Chakravarti/ Poetry
W.A. Reed/ Poetry
Rumjhum Biswas/ Fire & Water
Kristina Colon/ Poetry
Ki Russell/ Adam's Revenge
Lindsey Martin-Bowen/ Poetry
Monica Darwin/ The Big Bad
Rachel Cassandra Torrance/ Isobel
Stephen Graham Jones/ The Fatherland is Rich and Varied
Lisa Marie Nohner/ Sound and Vision

Issue Four/Spring 2007

Anne Barnhill/ Confessions of a Fat Woman
Anuradha Vijayakrishnan/ At War
Ed Higgins/ Poems
Kristine Ong Muslim/ A Regular Guy Named Tim
Paul A. Toth/ Patient, Too
Tana Zwart/ Eating the Habit

Issue Three/ Fall 2006

Richard Fein/ Green-Thumbed Gardener
J.W. Young/ Rockstar
Cassie McCain/ Soup Cooler Envy
Nancy Cluts/ Fair Warning
Arlene Ang/ Elsewhere
H.A. Wetzler/ Covered
Ashley Boles/ Tricking
Joe Bryant/ Poetry

Issue Two/ Spring 2006

Anthony Frame/ Poem for Brothers
David Lee/ Poetry
James R. Whitley/ Stop Me if You Think You've Heard This One Before
Wang Ping/ Poetry
Sara Gran/ Women Will Get Their Way
Bryce Young/ Untitled #1
Jessica Fokken/ Wave, Water, Body
Lindsay Walker/ Framing Your Husband for Murder
Tom O'Connor/ Poetry
Margaux Fragoso/ Tiger Bride
Kari Fransen/ Beautiful Spencer
Regina Sakalarios-Rogers/ Off Island

Issue One/ Winter 2006

Victor Gischler/ Ear Men
Ingrid Hill/ Flood
Joyce Sutphen/ Poetry
Alan Davis/ Uncle Joe
Louis Jenkins/ Poetry
Maurice Guevara/ Tinnitus
Linda M. Hasselstrom/ The Westie's Nightly Game
Marjorie Saiser/ Do I Know You?
Trisha Currans-Sheehan/ Rendering
Patrick Hicks/ Witness
Tom Montag/ Plain Poems
Freya Manfred/ Poetry
Linda Hogan/ Poetry
Erin Schoep/ Sweet Silver Bells
Thomas C. Barron Jr./ Congeal

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