Voting/Electoral Processes

Voting/Electoral Processes


  • Regular voting: Voting regularly in both local and national elections
  • Convincing others: Talking to others when there is an election taking place to explain why to vote for, or against, a party or candidate
  • Persuade others: Influence others to get to their designated polling location and cast their ballots
  • Displaying buttons, signs, stickers: For a candidate, political party, or political organization
  • Campaign contributions: Contributing money to a candidate, a political party, or any organization that supported a particular candidate
  • Volunteering for candidates or political organizations
  • Thinking critically about candidates and issues



Here are a few resources you may find helpful:


Free Downloadable Version of the US Constitution




 election button

How to Make a Difference - This handout provides useful web-based resources for becoming informed about election candidates and issues, along with suggestions for how to become actively involved. 

Election Interest Form for Volunteers - You may complete a Election Interest Form for Volunteers online to let us know specific ways in which you would like to be involved. Whether you are volunteering or participating as part of a service-learning option, we can help you locate service options that best fit your talents and interests.






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