Transfer Credits from International Universities

Conferece Center

Transfer from Universities outside the United States

Transfer Applicants from Universities Outside the U.S.:

• Both Secondary and Post-Secondary transcripts will be used to determine general admissibility.
• A student’s overall academic performance will be taken into consideration.
• Students whose post-secondary transcripts fail to show a satisfactory performance on the college level may be considered if their Secondary transcripts were of outstanding caliber.

Transfer Credit:
Post-Secondary transcripts from universities outside the United States must evaluated to determine course transferability. SMSU requires a catalog match transcript evaluation be done by Education Credential Evaluators Inc. (ECE). This company specializes in evaluation of international courses and will document how classes equate to Southwest Minnesota State University’s classes. The ECE evaluation that SMSU requires is the course by course evaluation.

This credit evaluation is not a requirement for admission; however, all students who are considered transfer students at time of admission are exempt from the SMSU policy requiring all students under the age of 21 to love on campus their first academic year. Students must have past post-secondary/college/university level courses and submit their transcripts to ECE for a course by course match to be exempt from this policy.  If the ECE course by course match is not done during the application process, students will be admitted as incoming first year students.   Class standing will be re-evaluated once the University has received the ECE evaluation. Students should be aware that failure to submit an ECE evaluation in a timely manner could have an impact on academic advising.

Please read this carefully:
** Be aware that some consulates around the world believe that this evaluation should be completed before you attempt the visa interview. However, Southwest Minnesota State University understands that there is no guarantee that you will be granted a Visa even though you have been admitted to the University. Furthermore, it is understood that the cost of the ECE evaluation ($225) in addition to the SEVIS fee ($200) and the SMSU Application fee ($20) represent a significant investment on the part of the student and his/her sponsors. For this reason SMSU does not fully require the ECE prior to your arrival on campus to begin your studies.

At your request, we will put the following statement on your I-20 under the comments section: “Due to the costly nature of this evaluation, credits from the student’s prior university will be evaluated by Education Credential Evaluators Inc. Upon arrival to the U.S., Student's class standing will be re-evaluated at that time.”

If you wish to complete the ECE evaluation before you arrive, information can be found on their website.

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