Wellness Benefits Through Minnesota Management and Budget

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State Employee Group Health Insurance Program

Contact SEGIP – link above has contact information. At SMSU: Contact Joan Tutt, HR at (507) 537-6209

Wellness Options For All Employees


SMSU Exercise Science/Wellness and
Human Performance Center offerings http://www.smsu.edu/academics/programs/exercisescience/faculty-and-staff-wellness.html

  1. Small group training
  2. Group fitness classes
  3. One on one/one-two exercise training

Contact:Kris Cleveland at kris.cleveland@smsu.edu

SMSU Fitness Center - http://www.smsu.edu/campuslife/fitnessfacilities/fitnesscenter/index.html

SMSU Pool - http://www.smsu.edu/campuslife/fitnessfacilities/pool/index.html

Mental health:

SMSU Counseling and Testing Center

  1. Massage chair
  2. Stress relief room
  3. Therapy dog


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