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SMSU Students Interning in China

Posted 07.15.2014

SMSU Students Interning in China

Two Southwest Minnesota State University students are learning about the hospitality industry, and Chinese culture, this summer.

Alycia Hohenstein, a senior Hospitality Management major from Dassel, Minn., and Samantha Kraling, a junior Culinology major from Stewartville, Minn., are interning at the Hilton Hangzhou Qiandao Lake Resort, located in the village of Qiandao Lake, about four-and-a-half hours southwest of Shanghai.

Dr. Michael Cheng, Professor of Culinology and Hospitality Management, facilitated their internships.

Hohenstein works in the front office and does “the small jobs that take time but need to be done.” She has also been doing “a lot of online training to learn the property management system at the hotel.”

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Music Education Major Carmody Has New Focus

Posted 07.17.2014

Music Education Major Carmody Has New Focus

 Southwest Minnesota State University student Meghan Carmody will approach her junior year a bit differently following a percussion seminar she attended in June.

The seminar, hosted by New York University, enabled Carmody to work with Broadway percussionists and learn more about percussion in general.

“We learned from people who work on Broadway,” said Carmody, a Music Education major. “We did that four days, and one day went to Broadway shows. I went to “Rocky” and worked with Javier Diaz, one of the percussionists. I sat in the pit with him.”

The seminar drew 25 percussionists from all over the country.

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Native Planting Areas in Full Bloom

Posted 07.10.2014

Native Planting Areas in Full Bloom

 The beauty of the campus of Southwest Minnesota State University has been enhanced within the last week by the blooming of flowers in the native planting areas near Sweetland Hall and at the Regional Event Center.

The native plantings have been in place since the opening of Sweetland Hall in August 2009. The native grasses and flowers are perennials, and are especially vibrant this year. Many people have commented on their beauty.

“I think it’s a combination of two things,” said Jeff Jennings, grounds and roads maintenance supervisor at SMSU. “One is that it takes them a while to be established. It’s been a few years now since they’ve been planted. Another is that it’s been a wet spring.

“I used to live in the Black Hills, and though I’m no expert, I noticed in driving back and forth that the flowers bloom the most when there is a good wet, rainy spring.”

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