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The Graduate Education Department offers the Master of Science (MS) in education and a specialization in Teaching, Learning, and Leadership. This off-campus, graduate program provides educators an opportunity to pursue graduate study while building valuable professional relationships with fellow educators. Each Learning Community studies together for two academic years, meeting an equivalent of twenty times, or ten weekend meetings each year. Meeting dates are determined by the members of the Learning Community and usually are scheduled during the academic year.  Communities beginning next fall are identified in the Learning Community Sites. If you interested in bringing a learning community to your area, please contact

The curriculum of the program provides educators with an in-depth understanding of educational issues pertinent to quality instruction and school renewal. Collaborative study and research, reflective teaching, action-based research projects, and active leadership provide the foundation for professional growth.

Course Curriculum:

ED 621 Critical Theory of Educational Systems - 3cr.
ED 622 Research in Education - 3cr.
ED 623 Professional Planning & Assessment - 2cr.
ED 624 Research Project Design - 3cr.
ED 625 21st Century Based Teaching & Learning - 3cr.
ED 626 Democracy, Diversity & Leadership - 3cr.
ED 627 Action Research: Project Implement - 2cr.
ED 631 Professional Learning Communities - 3cr.
ED 632 Linking Pedagogy & Content - 3cr.
ED 633 Trends & Issues in Education - 3cr.
ED 634 Educators as Change Agents - 3cr.
ED 635 Content & Curriculum Development - 3cr.

For more information on the curriculum please check out the course descriptions located in the academic catalog.

For further insight into when courses are offered and suggested to be taken please check the following Teaching, Learning, and Leadership academic advising sheet. 

To learn more about the application and financial aid process visit frequently asked questions

For more information or to be placed on the prospective mailing list, please complete the request for information online form. 

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