Educational Administration and Leadership

Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me about your Educational Administration and Leadership Program.
The Educational Administrative and Leadership program is for Pre K-12 Principals, Superintendents and Special Education Directors. The course layout is rigorous, experimental and focused on developing transformational leadership through projects, research, case studies, scenarios, simulations, in-box activities and field experiences. Skill development will be focused on reflective leadership, data-driven decision-making, quality assessments and research-based strategies to improve student learning. Program participants will also develop a professional portfolio cased on national and state standards.

What is a learning community?
A learning community is an off-campus graduate studies program that offers educators the opportunity to gain their degree or licensure close to home. Each Learning Community studies together for two academic years, meeting an equivalent of twenty times, or ten weekend meetings each year. The program utilizes group participation and exchanges between students and administrative professionals.

How is the program designed?
The Educational Administrative and Leadership program is designed as a five semester program with 36 total credits. Each semester ranges between a one and ten credit course load to accommodate for teachers’ busy schedules. The program will begin with one week-long Leadership Academy which is run in July and then one weekend per month to earn it in under two years.

Is the Educational Administration and Leadership program accredited?
This program has received approval from the Minnesota Board of School Administrators (BOSA).

How do I apply?
To be eligible to apply for the Educational Administration and Leadership program, applicants must have at least three years of teaching experience and complete all of the following requirements: an application, $30 application fee, an official transcript with a master’s degree posted, two letters of recommendations and a personal statement.

How the internship process works?
Students within the program are required to complete 320 internship hours in their licensure area to obtain licensure as a principal, SPED director or Superintendent. Schools in our region have agreed to assist teachers with this process with allowing release time and substitute teachers when necessary. The university supervisor will assist with this process.

What if I have credits I’d like to transfer into the program?
Three transfer credits are accepted in the this program, but only after an official transcript and petition have been submitted and reviewed for acceptance into the programs curriculum.

How much is tuition?
Tuition and fees are approximately $13,714 for the complete two-year program. However, tuition rates vary on a year-to-year basis and are finalized in July for the upcoming fall learning communities. Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

Is financial aid available?
Financial aid is available students who are in need of assistance. You can find information on applying for financial aid at the SMSU Financial Aid website. You will need to summit the FAFSA form to qualify. If you are interested in receiving a grant, look over the TEACH Grant and Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program.

Whom should I contact if I have further questions?
The School of Graduate Studies is always happy to assist you with any questions you may have. You can reach the School of Graduate Studies by phone at: (507) 537-6819. To contact a particular facilitator or staff member, see the faculty/staff page. The Graduate Directory lists people you may wish to contact during the application/registration process.

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