MBA Information for International Students

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Southwest Minnesota State University, Marshall is designed to provide the leaders of tomorrow with the knowledge and skills required to succeed in a global business economy. The program emphasizes critical and strategic thinking, developing managerial skills, real-world applications, ethics, and leadership taught in a technologically-advanced, active learning environment. Along with the Management concentration, the program offers a Leadership concentration and a Marketing concentration as well.

The MBA will also provide opportunities for students to think critically and strategically, and to be able to apply and integrate the knowledge they have accumulated to specific business situations. The program features topics such as global markets, ethics, ability to communicate, management of diversity, and leadership/teamwork skills. This program will provide the student with the knowledge and information needed to cope with our dynamic, rapidly changing world.

Courses are three credit courses that meet one evening each week for 16 weeks. A student with an undergraduate business degree who meets all the prerequisite requirements may complete the program in approximately two years. Employed students are able to participate in this program since all classes meet on weekday evenings or online. 

The two year layout of classes will use the following format. Each semester, the student will take 6 credits on campus and 3 credits online.

Course # Title Credits Course Offered
MBA 607 Strategic Mktg Mgmt 3 Fall 1
MBA 609 Mgmt of Production & Oper. 3 Fall 1
MBA XXX Elective 3 Fall 1
MBA 606 Accounting for Mgrs 3 Spring 1
MBA 660 Legal Env. Of Mgmt 3 Spring 1
MBA XXX Elective 3 Spring 1
MBA 681 Int'l Business & Leadership 3 Fall 2
MBA 684 Managerial Economics 3 Fall 2
MBA XXX Elective 3 Fall 2
MBA 670 Financial Analysis 3 Spring 2
MBA 685 Strategic Mgmt & Policy 3 Spring 2
MBA XXX Elective 3 Spring 2

Tuition changes with each academic year. Costs for an international student do not vary greatly from that of a domestic student. Totals for one year (based on the 2017-2018 academic year) are $19,600.

A complete breakdown of costs is as follows:

  • Tuition & Fees                                    $ 7,483/year
  • Insurance                                           $ 1,456 paid during first semester of enrollment
  • Housing & Meals (optional)                $ 8,266/calendar year
  • Personal Expenses                            $ 2,026/calendar year (approximately)

***Figures are approximate and subject to change. Costs are based on current tuition, fees, and insurance costs and could rise. More accurate information will be available at a later date.


For more information on the curriculum please check out the course descriptions located in the academic catalog.

To learn more about the application and financial aid process visit frequently asked questions. 

For more information, or to be placed on the prospective students' mailing list, please take the time to summit the request for information.

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