Mathematics Emphasis Courses

Southwest Minnesota State University is offering a Master of Science in Education with a Mathematics emphasis. The Mathematics emphasis is appropriate for licensed secondary (7-12th) mathematics teachers who wish to pursue graduate coursework in mathematics education and high school teachers seeking credentialing for concurrent enrollment courses.

This emphasis provides educators with an in-depth understanding and practical application to the mathematics that they teach and the processes involved in learning and leadership through research-based coursework. You can either earn the 18 credits in Mathematics through the credentialing option or take 35 credits to earn a Master of Science in Education with a Mathematics emphasis. This two-year program is offered with online Mathematics courses during the summer, and online education core courses during the fall and spring semesters. Teachers seeking concurrent enrollment credentialing and not an entire Master's degree will only need to take the four Mathematics courses.

The Master of Science in Education is a FULLY ONLINE program.The four Mathematics courses will be offered completely online during the summer semester. All Education courses are offered online during the fall and spring semester. 


CORE COURSES (35 Credits)

These courses are listed as an example of the ones you may take in the master's degree program:

ED 623: Professional Planning & Assessment- 2 cr.
ED 625: 21st Century Brain-Based Teaching and Learning- 3 cr.
ED 632: Linking Pedagogy and Content- 3 cr.
ED 635: Content & Curriculum Development, 3 cr.
ED 622: Research in Education,3 cr.
ED 624: Research Project Design, 3 cr.
ED 627: Research Project Implementation, 2 cr.
MATH 510: Topics in Number Theory, 4 cr.
MATH 530: Statistics, 4 cr.
MATH 550: Real Analysis, 4 c
MATH 515: Advanced Topics in Discrete Math, 4 cr.
Total: 35 Credits


MATH 501: Intro to Mathematical Logic, 2 cr.
MATH 510: Topics in Number Theory, 4 cr.
MATH 530: Statistics, 4 cr.
MATH 550: Real Analysis, 4 cr.
MATH 515: Advanced Topics in Discrete Math, 4 cr.
Total: 18 Credits

For more information on the curriculum please check out the course descriptions located in the academic catalog.

For further insight into when courses are offered and suggested to be taken please check the math emphasis advising sheet. 

To learn more about the application and financial aid process visit frequently asked questions.

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