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  1. Website Maintenance (August 21st, 2014)
  2. Changes to wireless network authentication.
  3. Schedule for Student E-mail Services Transition to StarID (June 3rd Update)
  4. Free Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus Program Release is now available (February 27th, 2014 update)
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Website Maintenance (August 21st, 2014)


Information Technology Services will be performing some additional maintenance that may cause some occasional brief service interruptions during the next few days.

Of special note is that users attempting to login to SouthwestNet will need to accept/confirm the temporary security certificate upon first log-in until a permanent security certificate can be implemented. It is our anticipation that this step will be completed by mid-day Friday.

Also, it is our expectation that some services and tools within the web site may not be fully operational or experience performance issues. We will aggressively pursue remediation in those situations. Should you become aware of any performance issues with web site services and tools, please don’t hesitate to contact the Technology Resource Center at 537.6111 or e-mail me directly regarding the specific issue.

Thank you for your patience with this process.


Changes to wireless network authentication.


The campus wireless network is migrating to EAP-TLS certificate based authentication for Bring Your Own Device wireless access. Students and employees with StarID can enroll for a certificate that will authenticate their device to the network for 6 and 12 months respectively. Seven days prior to the certificate expiration the user will receive an email warning that expiration is looming and that they must re-enroll the device.

Guest users can self-enroll by simply entering an email address or cellular number to receive an authentication voucher. Guest certificates are valid for 7 days. Guest users can also be sponsored by an employee for certificates that are valid for up to 28 days. Large groups of guests can be pre-registered by uploading a CSV and will receive a voucher via email prior to an event.

Sponsor Portal:

Vendors can sign in using their domain credentials and will get a certificate that is valid for 6 months.

The new authentication method does not impact systems previously configured for the “SMSU" WLAN. Those systems will still authenticate the same as before, however the user may prefer to enroll their device for EAP-TLS as it has significant advantages over PEAP. 802.1x PEAP will continue to be available to support devices that have difficulty with EAP-TLS.

To enroll a device for a certificate visit the OnRamp website from the device.

On Campus, Off Campus or Cellular visit: or scan a QR Code.


On Campus can connect to the open WLAN named OnRamp and the wizard should display automatically, or browse to the same URL as mentioned above.

Follow the prompts of the Enrollment System wizard to complete the network connection. Mobile devices will be prompted to install a profile. Classic OSes will be prompted to download and run an executable.

Enrollment System has limited support for Windows Mobile, Windows RT, Chrome OS and Blackberry. Users of these OSes may experience difficulties connecting.

All BYOD users including employees, students, guests and vendors will connect to the “SMSU" WLAN. VLAN select is implemented at the controller and radius server level to put users on their respective VLANs.

Schedule for Student E-mail Services Transition to StarID (June 3rd Update)


The transition for migrating student e-mail services (Office 365) to StarID is currently scheduled begin at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 5th. Completion of the transition is expected to happen during the morning of Friday, June 6th. An estimated transition completion time is 7:00 a.m. The transition will involve several steps. During the transition, it is anticipated that there will be times that students will not be able to login to Office 365 with either your current user ID and password or your StarID and StarID password.

Upon completion of the transition on the morning of Friday, June 6th, students will have a new user name that incorporates their StarID and StarID password to log-in to Office 365. The new StarID user name format will be

If you have not yet activated your StarID, please click here.

If you access Office 365 services such as e-mail on your mobile device, you will need to update your user name and password on your mobile device as well. Information Technology Services is working to update information on our web site regarding configuration of mobile devices for accessing your Office 365 service.

If you need assistance with any of these steps, please contact the Technology Resource Center at 507.537.6111 or

Any necessary updates regarding this process (e.g., unexpected delays in the transition) will be posted on the Information Technology Services website.

Free Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus Program Release is now available (February 27th, 2014 update)


SMSU Information Technology Services is pleased to announce that Office 365 ProPlus is now available for currently enrolled students to download for free. Office applications that will be available include Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Currently enrolled students will be able to install Office 365 ProPlus on up to five personally owned PC or Macintosh computer systems. It is anticipated that support for Office 365 ProPlus on iOS and Android platforms will be enabled in the near future.

For more information about Office 365 ProPlus, click here.

Please contact the Technology Resource Center at 507.537.6111 should you have questions.



For the 2013/2014 school year, there will be a $25 print quota. Black and White pages are worth $0.05 each and color pages are worth $0.25 each. If you use up your quota, you can purchase more pages in increments of $5.00. Come to the TRC, and you can purchase more paper using money from your Mustang Card. (If you do not have money on your Mustang Card, you must go to the Information Desk located in SC225.

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