Chris Roelfsema-Hummel

Liberty and Loyalty: Pipestone, Minnesota and World War One


Chris Roelfsema-Hummel is the Executive Director of the Pipestone County Museum in Pipestone, MN. A Pipestone native, he received Bachelors Degrees in history and political science from the University of Minnesota, Morris in 1993. As an undergraduate, Chris produced papers on the history of the pipestone quarries and a study of the development of "Pipestone City" under the English land firm, the Close Brothers and Company. In 1998, he received his Masters Degree in Central European History from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, which he attended from 1993 to 1995. He has served as Executive Director since the fall of 1997.

Roelfsema-Hummel's research focused on the actions of the Pipestone County branch of the Minnesota Public Safety Commission during World War One. In order to assure that Minnesotans pursued the self-defined goal of "100% Americanism" at all times, the Commission was created and empowered by Governor Burnquist in 1917 to promote such virtues and to bring any and all types of pressure to bear on those who didn't adhere to them. Pipestone County presents an interesting case, demonstrating both the success of Commission efforts and the extent of opposition to these efforts. Chris demonstrated the ways that local, political, and personal considerations may have shaped committee actions in this southwest Minnesota county.

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