Gijs Schilthuis

Agricultural Co-ops: Perspectives in Central Europe and Minnesota

Gijs Schilthuis earned a master's degree in agricultural economics at Wageningen University in the Netherlands, where he co-authored a book entitled Agricultural Co-operatives in Central Europe - Trends and Issues in Preparation for EU Accession. Schilthuis completed a comparative study of cooperatives in the United States, Central Europe, and the Netherlands. He gave two lectures, "Agricultural Co-ops: Perspectives in Central Europe and Minnesota" and "A New Generation of Cooperatives: Traditions and New Markets." Now employed with the Agricultural Policy Section of the European Union in Belgium, Schilthuis continues to publish articles based on his research, including one in Dutch, published in "Cooperatie", the magazine of the Dutch National Cooperative Council for agriculture and horticulture. View article

His "Continuously Reinventing Cooperatives" contains a series of six articles, including:

Not bigger and bigger, but bigger and better
Continuously reinventing cooperatives
Return On Political Investment
You are stronger when you have a range of options
Don't invest in bricks and buildings
Environmental cooperatives

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