Amato's Mounier and Maritain to be Reprinted

Ave Maria Press of Ypsilanti Press is planning to republish Joseph Amato's Mounier and Maritain: A French Catholic Understanding of the Modern World late in the fall of 2001 or early in the spring of 2002. The book will carry a new preface by Thaddeus Radzilowski, a former SSU faculty member.

The back jacket describes the book in the following terms:
A study of Emmanuel Mounier, founder of Personalism, Jacques Maritain, significant contributor to revival of Catholic thought and Thomism, and two generations of French Catholic intellectuals, this book examines the gulf between nineteenth-century Catholic tradition and twentieth century European events. Despite its passionate appreciation for their analysis of the failed contemporary world and their call for a new order and a third way, with a singular lucidity it points out that thought-religious and secular--does not comprehend twentieth-century experience nor does faith and good will define a new politics. Amato invites all thinkers to consider the premises of their understanding of and their hope for the next century. It especially calls those who have undergone the influence of Mounier's Personalism-including none other than the present Pope himself--to take measure of the gap between faith and world, word and reality, understanding and events, when speaking to the world on behalf of God and church.

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Last updated: March 21, 2006