Grant Projects

(Spring 1999-Fall 2006)

Jan Louwagie and the Society for the Study of Local and Regional History (SSLRH) received a Minnesota Humanities "We the People " grant for the expansion of the Rivers of History presentation given at the SSLRH annual meeting in October 2004. This grant allowed for two more presentations by John Anfinson and Anthony Amato at the Mill City Museum in Minneapolis on Feb. 3, 2005 and at the Montevideo Community Center in Montevideo on March 24, 2005.

The Otto Bremer Foundation awarded CRRS a $70,000 grant to continue the Rural and Regional Fellowships for the 2004-2007 academic years.

Geoff Cunfer and Christine Olson received a Learning that Lasts Grant from the Center for Teaching and Learning, 2003-2004, for promoting and assessing engaged learning at Southwest Minnesota State University. This grant will promote engaged learning through the integration of GIS technology into instruction of courses in different disciplines.

Geoff Cunfer received a grant from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, 2003-2007, for a four year project entitled "Demography and Environment in Grassland Settlement." This is a collaborative project housed at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor that will trace thousands of individual farm families and farmsteads through 70 years of evolving land use and family structures in 25 counties of Kansas.

Jan Louwagie, NEH Challenge Grant for Local History, 2003 proposal for the Society for the Study of Local and Regional History

Joseph Amato, Schwan's Foods Incorporated Grant 2002-2004. This grant from local Schwan's Foods Incorporated helped to create a class for new citizens to the Marshall area to acquaint them with the region's history, demography, geography, and cultural and ethnic background. Titled "Introducing Southwest Minnesota" the class is open to SSU students, the general public, but especially encouraged for new employees of Schwan's Foods and other businesses and organizations.

Joseph Amato, Rural and Regional Journalism Grant, Bremer Foundation, 2000-2004. To promote high quality journalism in southwestern Minnesota through weekly articles by a top quality journalist and a free regional wire service.

Joseph Amato, Rural and Regional Fellows Grant, Bremer Foundation, 1999-2004. To support graduate student research on southwestern Minnesota and the northern prairie. To date there have been 11 Fellows in the project from as far away as Austria and the Netherlands and as close as Pipestone.

Geoff Cunfer and Doug Spieles, "Using GIS Technology to Foster Collaborative Active Learning," Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Center for Teaching and Learning and the Bush Foundation, 2000-2001. To provide GIS training to SSU faculty and staff and to engage students in spatially-based field and lab research.

Jan Louwagie, Minnesota Humanities Commission Network Grant, 1997-ongoing. To support operation of the Society for the Study of Local and Regional History.

Jan Louwagie, Bremer Foundation Conference and Essay Series Grant, 1997-2001. To support dissemination of knowledge about southwestern Minnesota through conferences and publications.

Elizabeth Spieles, Minnesota Humanities Commission, "Draining the Great Oasis: A Book Conference on the Environmental History of a Single County or A Colloquium on Writing Environmental History," 2001. To support a conference on the SSU campus highlighting Draining the Great Oasis.

Elizabeth Spieles, Department of Natural Resources, "Draining the Great Oasis: Lessons in Sustainability," 2001-2002. To create a regional tour that will bring authors of Draining the Great Oasis to schools and community groups around southwestern Minnesota.

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