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Amato's publications fall into two basic categories, cultural and intellectual explorations and rural and regional studies. This is evident in more than a dozen essays and prefaces on a range of local topics from Danilo Dolci, a history of Marshall, the striking bank women of Willmar, Minnesota, and Minnesota culture, to such philosophical subjects as European historiography, anarchism, and philosophy. This division and variety equally display themselves in his approximately 50 popular and academic reviews and review essays that have covered the gamut of his interests in peasants, France, Italy, the Middle Ages, and European intellectual life as well as in Midwestern culture and Minnesota history.

Cultural and intellectual books:

Mounier and Maritain: A French Catholic Understanding of the Modern World. University of Alabama Press, 1975, soon to be republished by Ave Maria Press.

Ethics, Living or Dead? Portals Press/Venti Amati, 1982.

Guilt and Gratitude: A History of the Origins of Modern Conscience. Greenwood Press, 1982.

Death Book. Ellis Press/ Venti Amati, 1985.

Victims and Values: A History and Theory of Suffering. Praeger Press, 1990.

Golf Beats Us All (And So We Love It), Crossings Press, 1997.

Bypass: A Memoir, Purdue University Press, 2000.

Dust: A History of the Small and Invisible, University of California Press, 2000, first choice non-fiction, Los Angeles Times; widely reviewed and translated into German, Italian, and Spanish

On Foot: A Cultural History of Walking, New York University Press, November, 2004. Korean translation forthcoming.

Rural, regional, and local books:

Countryside, Mirror of Ourselves. Crossings Press, 1980.

When Father and Son Conspire: A Minnesota Farm Murder. Iowa State University Press, 1988; republished toExcel, 2000.

The Great Jerusalem Artichoke Circus. University of Minnesota Press, 1993, offered as an e-book in 2001.

A New College on the Prairie: Southwest State University's First Twenty-Five Years, 1967-1992. Crossings Press, 1991.

Servants of the Land: God, Family, and Farm, The Trinity of Belgian Economic Folkways. Crossings Press, 1990.

The Decline of Rural Minnesota, with John Meyer. Crossings Press, 1993.

At the Headwaters, edited with Janet Timmerman. Minnesota Conservation Corps / Southwest State University Flood Recovery Project, 1995.

To Call It Home: The New Immigrants of Southwestern Minnesota, with John Meyer, John Radzilowski, Donata DeBruyckere, and Anthony Amato. Crossings Press, 1996.

Community of Strangers: Change, Turnover, Turbulence & the Transformation of a Midwestern Country Town, with John Radzilowski and assistance of John Meyer. Crossings Press, 1999.

Recent publications:

Southwest Minnesota: The Land and the People, edited with David Pichaske. Crossings Press, 2000.

The Draining of the Great Oasis: An Environmental History of Murray County, Minnesota, ed. with Anthony Amato and Janet Timmerman. Crossings Press, 2001.

Rethinking Home: The Case for Local History. University of California Press, published February 2002; It has been widely reviewed and featured at several regional and national conferences, most notably the joint national conference of the American Association of State and Local History and the National Council on Public History, Providence, RI, September 2003.
It has also been the subject of a lengthy interview with Amato in Speaking Historically (Fall 2003) and the subject of talks he has given regionally and nationally.

A Place Called Home: Writings on the Midwestern Small Town
anthology edited by Richard Davies, Joseph Amato and David Pichaske University of Minnesota Press, 2003.

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