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December 17, 2018

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Marshall, MN
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Addie Miller, Jared Doty

Students Find Different Ways to Deal With Finials Stress

Published: 12-13-2018

Regardless of whether students procrastinate or prepare, the idea of finals week creates some amount of stress. Addie Miller, a freshman Social Wor...

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Dr. Bill Pavot

Are You Happy? Dr. Bill Pavot Can Explain Why

Published: 12-14-2018

The holiday season seems to buoy the spirits of many. They're just happier, it seems. And if there's someone who can tell you about happiness, it's...

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Emily Daniels

Daniels: Finding Balance Key to College Success

Published: 12-13-2018

 Busy SMSU students often find themselves with a full plate, and managing all the demands is a key to a successful college career. Whether the...

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Lee French: A Professor and a Researcher

Published 12-13-2018

"SMSU is a great school that is beneficial to students who don't like large class sizes but enjoy hands-on research opportunities," said Lee French, SMSU Assistant Professor of Agronomy. Although SMSU has played a major role in French's life, he has a diverse background in research and education....

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