Justice Administration

The Justice Administration curriculum provides academic training for students preparing for careers in criminal justice. This academic program includes a major in Justice Administration and a minor in Criminal Justice. The Justice Administration program provides students with the opportunity and assistance to acquire knowledge of the roles of policing, courts, laws, and corrections as they contribute to social order in a free society. Students will gain knowledge of the history, major concepts, and critical policy issues in these areas through the Justice Administration required courses. The curriculum further provides a theoretical foundation of the discipline, combined with a thorough understanding of the scientific method as it applies to Justice Administration or Criminal Justice. This curriculum also prepares students for graduate study. Graduates of the Justice Administration program are expected to continue their personal and professional development in a variety of practical settings in criminal justice.

Contact Information:
Dept.:  Social Science
Office: SS 103
Phone: 537-6224
Email: SocialScience@smsu.edu

Law Enforcement Administration

The B.A.S. degree is built on a "2+2" platform. If you have a 2 year degree from another school you can do the 2+2 program. During the first two years at another school (64 credits), a student completes an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree in Law Enforcement Administration. In the final two years in SMSU's B.A.S. program (64 credits), a student takes a 42-semester credit major in Law Enforcement Administration, and 22 semester credit hours (SCH) of general education and related courses. A number of the courses in this program will be available via the Internet, however not all.

Certification for Law Enforcement

Due to the PPOE Certification from the Minnesota POST Board students wanting to go into law enforcement must complete the attached document and schedule a review time with the PPOE Coordinator, BC Franson.

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Criminal Justice Minor

  Required courses for the Minor                                                                           


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