Labor Union Contracts and Seniority Rosters

Contracts and Plans

  • (AFSCME), Council No. 5, AFL-CIO
    • Agreement between Minnesota State Employees Union AFSCME, Council No. 5, AFL-CIO and the State of Minnesota.
  • Minnesota Association of Professional Employees (MAPE)
    • General professional labor agreement between the state of Minnesota and the Minnesota Association of Professional Employees.
  • Middle Management Association  (MMA)
    • Agreement between the State of Minnesota and the Middle Management Association.
  • Minnesota State Contract Library
    • Includes Inter Faculty Organization (IFO), Minnesota State Administrators Plan and Minnesota State University Association of Administrative Service Faculty (MSUAASF).
  • Managerial Plan
    • Covers all classified and unclassified employees in positions identified by the Commissioner of Minnesota Management & Budget as managerial.
  • Commissioner's Plan 
    • This Plan establishes the compensation, terms, and conditions of employment for all non-managerial classified and unclassified employees (except unclassified employees of the legislative and judicial branches) who are not covered by a collective bargaining agreement and who are not otherwise provided for in law.

Seniority Rosters

Classified Rosters

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