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Rooms Available


The Library has two classrooms. BA 314 is a computer classroom arranged in a traditional layout with 32 student seats. BA 319 has 16 student seats arranged in a seminar style that allows for group work at tables or at computer work stations. When not reserved for class, the space is available as a lab on a first-come basis.

Faculty may reserve either classroom for special sessions by contacting the Scheduling Office at 537-7110 or emailing

Conference Room: BA 524

Electronic screen / projection system
Document camera
Voice line is under conference table. Port # 5D-66;
Phone # 6422
Kitchenette for refreshment serving

* Booked through University Scheduling

5th Floor Viewing Room & Speech Center

Stereo system with turntable and dual cassette player
TV cart with DVD/VCR player
LCD screen with DVD/VCR player
Speech Department holds Peer Tutoring hours in this room

Group Study Rooms

The library offers 7 group study rooms a first come, first serve basis. Most group study rooms have a wall-mounted whiteboard and wireless access. 


The library has two COLLAB rooms and one COLLAB space.  The COLLABs are designated group spaces equipped with wireless screen sharing (Airtame). The COLLAB rooms need to be used more more than two people at a time and must be reserved. See the reservation page for additional information.  The COLLAB space is on the main floor of the library and is first-come, first-serve. 

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