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SMSU School of Education Mission and Vision
Mission: The mission of the Professional Education program at SMSU is to create communities of practice where each learner is an active participant in the investigation of learning, teaching, and leadership processes. Teachers and learners will engage in educational theory, research, inquiry, critical reflection, and application in pursuit of excellence in education.
Vision: Communities of practice investigating learning and teaching

Communities of Practice Investigating Learning and Teaching
Each student admitted to Teacher Education receives a Program Handbook, which identifies outcomes of the program and describes the research base for the theme, Communities of Practice Investigating Learning and Teaching. The student handbook for Teacher Education is available online on the Education Department page.

Learning Center for Teacher Education
The Learning Center for Teacher Education includes a curriculum library, and other material which directly supports the Teacher Education Program. It is located in the Academic Commons in the Individualized Learning Building.

The School of Education provides teacher licensure programs in a variety of areas: (See catalog for further information)


Early Childhood Education, birth - grade 3 (On campus)

Early Childhood Education, birth - grade 3 (Off campus)

Early Childhood Special Education

K-6 Elementary Education with Optional Endorsements

  • Pre-Primary Education, ages 3-5
  • Gr. 5-8 Communication Arts/Literature
  • Gr. 5-8 Mathematics
  • Gr. 5-8 Science
  • Gr. 5-8 Social Science
  • Gr. 5-8 World Language/Cultures, Spanish

Secondary Education

  • 5-12 Agricultural Education
  • 5-12 Communication Arts/Literature + English
  • 5-12 Communication Arts/Literature + Speech
  • 5-12 Mathematics Education
  • 5-12 Social Science Licensure
  • 5 - 8 General Science
  • 9-12 Biology Education
  • 9-12 Chemistry Education


  • Art Education
  • Music: Instrumental
  • Music: Vocal
  • Physical Education
  • Special Education: Academic Behavioral Strategist (ABS)
  • Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)

Educational Studies (non-licensure)


  • Coaching Minor or Coaching Certificate
  • K-12 Reading license
  • K-12 Developmentally Adapted Physical Education license (DAPE)
  • Special Education minor
  • Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) minor



The School of Education also provides Master's programs. More information can be found by visiting the Graduate Studies webpage .

Student Clubs/Organizations Associated with Program:

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