Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL), K-12

As classrooms continue to diversify, teacher candidatesmust be prepared to meet the needs of their students. Tohelp meet this need, SMSU offers the TESL program.Although the name varies across the nation andinternationally, the focus of the program is the same,ultimately to help English learners learn English. SMSU hasadopted the TESL abbreviation and course prefix to matchthe Minnesota Board of Teaching language, ESL, and todistinguish between programs for ELs and programs forteachers of ELs. This K-12 Teaching ESL degree andlicensure program at the undergraduate level provides thefoundations in teaching each content area along with theStandards of Effective Practice and the core courses forteaching K-12 English as a Second Language.Graduates will be able to obtain licensure in K-12 TeachingEnglish as a Second Language. Candidates will show thatthey have met the Standards of Effective Practice, and willhave the necessary foundation to teach core courses in eachcontent area to K-12 English learners. The TESL program isoffered in a hybrid format with a combination of onlinecollaboration and on-campus community building.Since licensure to teach is a professional program, formalapplication for admission to the Education Program isrequired during the sophomore year. Application forms maybe obtained in the school of Education office. There is aminimum GPA requirement of 2.8 from all colleges anduniversities attended, plus other requirements, such astaking the Basic Math, Reading, and Writing MTLE examsand receiving a score of 201 or higher. Persons withprevious degrees and/or current licensure interested inadding a licensure field or endorsement may apply toSMSU and have their transcripts sent (if not from a MnSCUschool) to have a transcript review of what courses theywould still need. Teacher candidates may choose to takeTESL courses before formally being accepted into theEducation Program. Teacher candidates wishing to pursuelicensure must have two years of studying foreign languageat the high school level or one year of foreign language atthe collegiate level. TESL 431 Foundations of TESL & Lab isthe prerequisite course for the other TESL courses.


Graduates with the K-12 TESL licensure may pursueteaching in an ESL classroom, working with Englishlearners. Teachers of ESL collaborate with content areateachers to deliver content to English learners with specific,research-based teaching strategies to enhance theunderstanding and performance of ELs. Graduates with anemphasis or minor in the field of TESL may apply theirknowledge of ELs and appropriate teaching strategies in thegeneral classroom and aim to build rapport with the ELcommunity, building partnerships to enrich the learningexperience.
Required Courses

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