• Regular volunteering for a non-electoral organization: Working in some way to help others for no pay (includes volunteering for an environmental organization; a civic/community organization, a social service organization to help the poor, elderly, or homeless; a hospital; or an organization involved with youth, children, or education)
  • Participation in fund-raising run/walk/ride:Personally walking, running, or bicycling for a charitable cause (does not include sponsoring or giving money for this type of event)
  • Other fund raising for charity: Helping raise money for a charitable cause.


Local Service

Feel free to drop by the Center for Civic Engagement (BA 239) and check out our Service Site Database notebook as well!

Thinking about volunteering?....

Let us know more about what you would like to do and we will do what we can to help. Please complete this form and one of the CCE student staff will contact you.

Service Interest Form for Volunteers 

So your CLUB or GROUP is making a difference....

We would like to get the word out about what your group ----CLUB, ORGANIZATION, ATHLETIC TEAM, RESIDENCE HALL FLOOR---- is doing. Let us know ways in which your group(s) is (are) involved with civic engagement. Please complete this form. We will maintain a record of your civic engagement activities, should you need a record of what you have done. Thanks!  

Civic and Community Engagement Assessment Sheet   

National and Global Service

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