Housing Contract and Application

The 2018-2019 housing application is now available. The application can be completed online through e-Services, or by downloading, filling out, and mailing in a paper application. Use these links for the paper contract, paper application, room typesfloor plans and configurations, and meal plan information.

Incoming First Year Students and Transfers

Incoming first year students and transfers for the 2018-2019 academic year can fill out the contract online through e-Services. Click on the Quick Links icon above for the link. Visit the New Residents page for more information.

Current Residents and Upperclassmen:      

Apply for housing online through e-Services. Visit the Current Residents sign up page for more information.

Online Housing Contract

You will need to use your e-Services account in order to apply for housing for the 2018-2019 academic year. E-Services may be found through Quick Links on the banner above. Click here for instructions on how to access the housing application through e-Services. Visit the New Residents or Current Residents Sign up page for more information.

Paper Housing Contract

Read the housing and dining contract before submitting an application to make sure you know all of the policies and procedures.

Paper Housing Application

Download, print, fill out, and mail in with a $100 deposit.

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